Today, we’re celebrating our 3rd year anniversary as a corporation. It has been 3 fulfilling years of creating solutions for the Philippine real estate service industry. Throughout this journey, the team has achieved great milestones. At, we first worked with lead generation, then moved to customer management, followed by automated leasing assistance, which snowballed into short-term lease management and then automated contract generator. These features helped our dedicated partners earn millions of Pesos and saved countless hours of mindless secretarial work.

The core features will always remain free for everyone. It is our little contribution to the industry. As the number of new real estate agents and graduates from the Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management increase every year, the importance of having a free tool to support their entry in to the real estate business grows with it.

During the second quarter of this year, we have started development of auxiliary services that would help in the space of parking ( and listings management ( These are slated to be launched before year end. These 2 developments are in line with our goal of creating a digital real estate ecosystem.

This pandemic has brought terrible pain and suffering around the world. Here in the Philippines, we have lost several family members and friends due to the virus and our hearts and prayers go to everyone who have also lost their loved ones. Throughout this nightmare, our team have tried to keep an optimistic mind. This cataclysmic phenomena has become a catalyst for companies and professionals to utilize and take more seriously web-based applications to help save their businesses and we are in a good position to provide that much needed help.

We recognize the importance of a mobile application, so we’re exploring options to possibly develop and deploy an android or iOS “bare-bones” version. We will also work on generating more tutorials as we approach a final version of

Finally, we will strive to be listed in the SME board of the Philippine Stock Exchange on or before our 10th year. It is this ambition that fuels our desire to produce quality products and service. We are grateful to all our stakeholders for being in this journey with us.

Be safe and thank you!