A Message from CLOUDSERVIZ Founder

How are you? I hope you've had great profitable months! CLOUDSERVIZ is now 20 months old and I'm sending this message because I remembered that I have not sent any personal message to you, since our founding.

CEO & Founder Jake Nasol Loria
First and foremost, I would like to thank you for using our technology and for being part of our early adapters.

We created the CLOUDSERVIZ app to solve three pressing problems in real estate service; record-keeping, lead generation and customer management.

As a treasured user, I'd like to share with you our thought process on these three problems.

Record Keeping

Many in the real estate service industry are still on "Pen & Paper Technology" when it comes to customer record keeping. Understandably, this is due to the fact the internet connection in the country is poor and availability is scarce.

Pen & paper tech still offers the fastest and cheapest form of customer record keeping. But as your business grows, this tech would be pushed to its limits. Imagine keeping a physical record book for 100 to 200+ transactions spanning 3 to 5+ years and carrying it everywhere you go. This is where our app would like to give a helping hand.

The app was designed to be as light as possible, to make the entry, storage & access of customer records less of a burden to your internet data cap. The input fields were also made universal so you may store all your customer records from varying sources. I.e. Leads and customer details from Facebook, Viber, LinkedIn, Lamudi, MyProperty, OLX, Property24.

No more need to switch back and forth to access and check records.Finally, we encrypted the individual customer field to protect the data.

Lead Generation

This is where the money is made in real estate service. I've been fortunate enough to be friends and work with the founder of one of the best lead generation websites for rentals in the Philippines. The platform that this genius created was truly monumental in terms of the volume and quality of leads that it generated on a daily basis.

The experience with him opened my mind to the other opportunities in the lead generation segment, particularly in sales. Sales is a pain point to all active brokers and agents. The sales process consumes a lot of time, energy and financial resources.

CLOUDSERVIZ solves the "financial resources" part. We designed a lead form that specifically target real estate leads--and this lead form is available for free! This alleviate the burden of paying for a premium lead generation form on a monthly basis. Yes, there are free lead forms available on the internet, like Jot Form, but is it truly effective for real estate? No. Not really.

Finally, Customer Management

Customer management completes our app's holy trinity. Both the Record Keeping and the Lead Generation are tied together by the Customer Management function. This is what provides automatic reminders when you have tenants that would move-out within 30, 60 and 90 days. It is also the one that organizes your leads in terms of their status; Prospect, Interested, Warm, Hot.

The main point of having a customer management function is to ease the pain of paying for a human assistant in reminding you of important things and manually organizing your documents. It's already the second half of 2019, these things are supposed to be automated.

I could go on further, but these message is already getting long, so I'll conclude with this:

CLOUDSERVIZ is here to optimize your production as a professional real estate service practicioner. It's been incorporated under the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission to provide such service.

The team behind the technology:
Sheena Aragon
Mark Johan Segubience
Cio Loria
Thess Loria

Thank you for being with us and we hope you become a millionaire through our app.

More business to you!
Jake Loria