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Tame your digital clutter and create secured contracts in a fraction of time with our intuitive contract generation engine. Try to create 1) contract of lease, 2) contract to sell, 3) deed of absolute sale, 4) letter of intent and 5) letter to purchase in an instant.

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Data Privacy Notice:
CLOUDSERVIZ shall protect the data you provided in compliance with the RA 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA), and it’s implementing rules and regulations. Your personal information as an end user may be processed by automated means. Furthermore, the information collected and stored in the contract generator shall only be used for creating your own contracts.

CLOUDSERVIZ shall not disclose the any personal information without your consent and shall retain this information during the contract generating process.

How we process your data on Contract Generator Forms?
1)We collect your contract information when you fill/ accomplish the contract generator form/s.
2)After completing the form, your contract will be automatically generated (in pdf). You can directly print it or download a copy of it as PDF.
3)As site visitor/ guest, you can freely use the generator without having a CLOUDSERVIZ account at 3 times/ 3 attempts.
4)After your 3rd contract, the generator will ask you to create a CLOUDSERVIZ as you already reached contract generation limit as a guest.
5)Creating a CLOUDSERVIZ account will allows you to control your own data and manage your contracts, generate unlimited contracts, update details and delete your contracts.

CLOUDSERVIZ contract generation engine is a highly developed tool in creating secured contracts and documents such as contract of lease, contract to sell, deed of absolute sale, letter of intent and letter to purchase in a fraction of time.

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